Service running around the clock


Michael Njoroge
19.07.2022, 13:50

I'm impressed! I was a bit skeptical. Especially when it took a little too long to get my coins. But you guys actually came through. Hats off!

Shin Thant
29.03.2022, 19:31

I forget to include exchange ID but support was very helpful. Getboredwithus GBWU Usually works great, some hiccups happen that are resolved by email, overall good service.

19.02.2022, 21:49

Nothings changed from last review - works perfectly every time.

Senthil Kumar
19.02.2022, 10:30

Quick crypto exchange. Took only a couple minutes.

17.01.2022, 15:37

Best, Awesome, Excellent Support!!! imst US My first experience with Infinity Сash, ran into glitch (which may have been on my end) that payment wasn't received for hours after wallet showed successful send. When I woke up next morning and saw payment wasn't recieved I sent an email to Infinity Сash. Within minutes they responded that they were already on it and would get back to me within 10 minutes. In just a few minutes they got back to me, problem resolved!

Kevin Brink
05.01.2022, 13:36

Nice service. Friendy support team. Only positive impressions. Pioneer Superdev

Michael C
04.01.2022, 15:56

Fast and Quick. Great!

02.12.2021, 18:59

Super fast, simple, painless and not expensive at all... Thank you!

20.11.2021, 18:42

Customer support was very fast, helpful, and friendly. Swap got stuck in pending due to me depositing from Coinbase, but was able to get the swap done quickly after contacting support. Very thankful for that!

Susan Summer
19.11.2021, 17:51

great experience with Infinity Сash thank you guy so much!